Siv Jakobsen #3 - To Leave You


Considering Siv Jakobsen is a Norwegian artist based in Norway I’ve probably done well to catch her live five times already, I was however annoyed to have missed the chance to make that six last week when she supported Benjamin Francis Leftwich at Islington’s Assembly Hall (I had work commitments - yay!).  

I’m taking solace today in a live version of an as yet unreleased track “To Leave You”, a track that surmises Siv’s ability to captivate with little more than soft acoustic plucks, confessional words and quivering voice, the result here, recorded on London's fine streets, is delicate but resonates fully. Come back soon please.

Last years' The Lingering EP is magical, don't miss it - bandcamp.

Anteros #2 - Ring Ring


Anteros featured here way back in Feb 2015 with their debut, self-titled track but "Ring Ring" is the first time I've really given them a chance since, I did however see the band open up Glastonbury's Other Stage earlier this year, I'm going to blame what I've been blaming the past six months, a lack of mojo... 

"Ring Ring" is great, filled with infectious hooks and bright vocal harmonies it's the sort of track that immediately finds it way into your head, effortless charms and delicious melody by the buck load, there's little not to like.

The bands Breakfast EP is out now.

Lazy Day #4 - Disappear


It's been a long eighteen months since we last heard from the brilliant London quartet Lazy Day so I'm very glad to have news of a new track "Disappear" come my way to start a new week afresh...

“Disappear” is actually an old track that was on Tilly's Soundcloud ages ago, that original demo was a solo lament played out through ringing guitar patterns and magnetising vocal (it makes me old to think it's five and a half years since I first heard it). The newly released single version however is fully formed (and is due via Lost Map on 7" vinyl November 4th), it retains the ambient beginnings, chiming and nonchalant guitar flanking the front and centre vocals before exploding at around the minute mark with tight percussion and cascading melody. It's brilliant.

There's a live show at London's Victoria on November 10th. Come (details).

Weyes Blood #3 - Do You Need My Love


I'm massively into the music of Weyes Blood, I said pretty much that a last month when I talked about "Seven Worlds" and I'm going to say it again now with the brilliant "Do You Need My Love", the second track to be heard from her, real name Natalie Mering, forthcoming LP Front Row Seat To Earth due October 21st via Mexican Summer.

Seven minutes in length and the most ambitious track from Weyes Blood to date, "Do You Need My Love" is both expected and completely unexpected. It starts typically atmospheric and lush and soon you are transported to the past with a sumptuous melody and Natalie's gorgeous vocal tone taking you on a vintage waltz before the track transforms at the four minute mark with a trippy, spaced-out interlude that's more Pink Floyd than moody, spectral folk. I love it.

I shall be expecting to see fellow Londoners at The Waiting Room come Tuesday November 22nd...

Pumarosa - Honey


And so after about one minute of "Honey" by Pumarosa I find myself asking why the bloody hell I've never listened to them before, I think it was the hype, either way, I'm a silly boy.

"Honey" is brilliant. It's  pretty much everything I like wrapped up into five minutes, slow-building, brooding and commanding track that shimmers, soars and thrills in equal measures amongst tight guitars and captivating vocals. 

Now, where is that back-catalogue. 

Shiny Times #3 - Where You Are

Not content with the newly released (and great) second Tape Waves LP Here to Fade Kim Hart Weldin shared a new track earlier this week as Shiny Times, her solo project.

The song, "Where You Are", fits into a similarly ethereal, dream-pop haze as her full-time band but takes a more bedroom-pop route, with a beautifully melancholic and wistful melody repeating around Kim's coo-ing, calming vocals. 

It's the sort of thing perfect for a solo Friday evening in. Oh look, here I am...

Grab it (and an earlier EP) via Bandcamp now.

Molly Burch - Downhearted


Molly Burch is a new signing to the reliable Captured Tracks and comes my way with her first release "Downhearted", a track which instantly recalls label-mates Widowspeak's shadowy guitars and vintage atmosphere.

"Downhearted" is wistful and playful at the same time, filled with a dusty, Angel Olsen-esque vocal full of soul and heartache and echoey, wandering guitarscapes. The single is released September 16th and I'm already waiting for more.

Lisa/Liza #2 - Century Woods


I'm still here. Just. Anyway, let's get straight to some quick posts whilst I'm actually home and I feel like I want to... I couldn't help but be intoxicated by "Century Woods" by Lisa/Liza almost the instant I pressed play, it has that whole dark, mournful, minimalist vibe that I love to wrap myself in.

I actually featured Lisa/Liza almost four years ago here and I'm instantly regretting not hearing her since, this is absolutely gorgeous, slowly unwinding and never hurried, there's little more than gentle and organic guitar strums accompanying Liza's fragile vocals but the result is majestic, a naked, forlorn beauty that is simply hypnotising and haunting.

"Century Woods" is taken from Deserts Of Youth, due September 9th on a limited vinyl run via Orindal Records. There's lots more to catch up with over on Bandcamp. I'lll make time for just that soon I promise.