Amanda Merdzan - Glow


I had a note dating back to March 29th from a very good friend Roger (who if you've ever gone to a gig in London, you will know) inviting me to 'like' Amanda Merdzan on Facebook (it's how us cool kids roll). It may have taken me over a month to finally listen but of course, Roger was right (again).

The Australian recently relocated to London and from the quietly hypnotic "Glow" it seems that it's sure to be our gain, the track is nothing short of a beauty, with soft-focus synths and gently cooing vocals lulling you to the most dreamy of states where nothing could possible be bad. After a three hour 'ops-board' meeting today. That's just what I need.

Margaret Glaspy - Emotions and Math


I'm so far behind that the one Margaret Glaspy track I was going to blog about last month has become two. Both "Emotions and Math" (the title track to her debut album due 7th June through ATO Records) and latterly "You and I" offer raw, guitar-driven pop tracks which blend gnarly, growling melodies with a touch of country twang and direct yet breathy vocals.

Even better though is a live version of "Somebody to Anybody", similarly taken from Margaret's debut album, here stripped back to a solo guitar and voice track filled with heartbreak and comfort. It's the sort of emotive, confident track that should be lapped up both sides of the pond.

Margaret makes her UK debut on 23rd August at London's Moth Club.

Billie Marten #4 - Milk & Honey


Imagine how good it would be if you could see the sublime talents of Rachel Sermanni, Flo Morrissey and Billie Marten all in one evening. Well, now you can. This very July 25th in fact at Shakespeare's Globe, as part of their summer series of Wonder Women (grab a ticket here before they all go). What a way to start my birthday weekend...

As if you needed an indication of the serene music that will be on offer that evening Billie Marten last week shared her newest track, the exquisite "Milk & Honey" which highlights her entrancing, tender-toned vocal and effortless way around a melody, I'm excited already.

Ofelia K #2 - Bad Boys


Another case of you had me on the first word for Ofelia K.

"Bad Boys" is her latest single (the first to come to my attention after the similarly soft-focus "White T-Shirt" last year) and instantly sends my heart aflutter with a devastatingly personal lament about failed relationships.

The title of the track led me to expect a Taylor clone filled with huge pop choruses but that's certainly not the case, there's little more than flickering guitar licks and latterly booming percussion and shimmering keys throughout, it places the focus firmly to Ofelia's vulnerable vocal and the result is simply to-die-for.

Munroe #3 - Nothing is Funny


 A fleetingly sweet, intimate and irresistible return by Munroe, although "Nothing is Funny" comes off 2015's self-titled EP (with a debut full-length album due later this year) you'll be forgiven for not hearing until the video shared yesterday...

The track removes much of the foggy folk-noir instrumentation and haunting vocals previously heard on last years equally impressive "Summer" and "Bloodlet" for a devastatingly pretty piano ballad which places the emphasis on less-is-more, there's just plaintive ivory twinkles and Kathleen's evocative vocals here, any my, what a voice it is. Go close your eyes for precisely 1:49 and soak this beauty in.

The Holy - This Will Be the Day That I Die


I blogged about Holy Roman pretty much a year ago now, the Helsinki quintet return as The Holy with the atmospheric and colossal  "This Will Be the Day That I Die".

There's lots of drums here - just like Adam & The Ants, the band have two  - and the percussive melody slowly rises in intensity amongst different, but always darkened textures, there's cascading synths and brooding guitars which command your attention until the soothing and unsettling conclusion.

Yes, I'm certainly ready for more. By:Larm 2017 or UK shows. You decide guys.

Furs #6 - Natives


It's been three and a half years since I first featured Furs, the London based band led by the sibling duo Elle and Liam Wade on this blog and finally, after an extended sequence of infectious singles, I can write about a debut album, it's due May 13th and called Just Kids.

It will feature (amongst others) the bristling mix of bright, dreamy pop hooks and glimmering melody that is the brilliant title track, the 80's throwback of the vibrant "I Wanna Know" which we heard over twelve months ago now and their new single, the funky, sugary thrill of "Natives" which sees some groovy guitar licks shine amongst shimmering synths and bright vocals. It basically makes you want to hang out under a big disco ball and dance the night away.

Basement Revolver - Johnny


Already picked up by some great UK blogs (GoldFlakePaint, Breaking More Waves to name just two) are Ontario's Basement Revolver whom, just like Robin, I'm going to say are pretty obviously getting compared to fellow Canadian indie-poppers Alvvays with their marvellous debut single "Johnny".

If you're a fan of sombre lyrics wrapped up in joyour music filled with bittersweet, honey-toned vocals and unashamedly jangling, melodic guitars you are in for a treat. Although you're probably going to get a few weird looks in the office as you repeatedly sing "it's a really bad right now" around the office (or is that just going to me?)..