Rodes Rollins - Young & Thriving


I'll be honest, I pressed play on this track purely because Stella from Warpaint plays drums on it. It's not actually what I was expecting from knowing that beforehand either, I was expecting to hear her do some wizardry like I've seen so many times before, instead "Young & Thriving" by  LA/NY singer Rodes Rollins is restrained and otherworldly, a Tarantino-esque introduction that soon makes way to the sort of dreamy psychedelia that made Marika Hackman's early material so compelling, a web of intoxicating guitars and beautiful vocals that makes Rodes Rollins shoot straight onto many 'ones to watch' lists. 

Jagara - Let Me Go


It was as long ago as July 2014 when I first featured London sister trio Jagara here (well Jagaara, an "A" seems to have been dropped), a smouldering track named "Faultline" which soon became their then signature sound, a brooding atmosphere, filled with shimmering guitars and beautifully smooth vocal harmonies.

Since mid 2015 the band have taken some time away from the spotlight but Jagara returned last week with "Let Me Go", their most thrilling track to date.  Of course, the heavenly vocals remain but there's these glistening synths throughout which add a glistening, 80's edge which builds and builds and you can almost picture yourself inside a Rocky-esque montage. I love it. 

Winter #3 - Dreaming


Sorry for the continued lack of posting here, to be honest it is likely to be the new normal. In a nutshell, what started as lack of enthusiasm and personal life activities in the early year led to continued work life stress (two jobs merged into one, that I now do both of) and time is increasingly sparse (I still have two kids) and where I used to write blogs at 1am, I now find myself not...

Anyway, that's not stopping me writing a brief word of three on this lush piece of jangle pop, "Dreaming" is by Winter, the LA dream-pop band led by Samira Winter and was released on Bandcamp a few weeks back, it's all softening vocals and delicate melody that makes you effortlessly drift off to some better place and whilst I'm here let's also feature "Wherever You Are", another stand-alone single that came out over the summer, a hazy, slow-motion beauty with swirling keys, languid guitars and caressing vocal, there's nothing not to like. Go find out for yourself below.

Molly Burch #2 - I Adore You


I could tell after about three notes that I was going to adore this, "I Adore You" by Molly Burch, the flip side to her debut 7" Downhearted (that I blogged about here last month).

"I Adore You" is smouldering seduction of the highest order, a real pull-at-the-heartstrings beauty filled with languid instrumentation, little more than pared down percussion and twanging guitars and Molly's voice, a overwhelmingly irresistible croon that stays with you long after it's six minute duration, utterly timeless is this. Consider me lovesick.

Daughter #10 - The End


“The End” is a new standalone track by the wonderful Daughter, from the recent Not To Disappear sessions, I can understand why it was left off the album track listing but I’m very glad it’s been shared now, it’s absolutely bloody wonderful.

There’s typical melancholy to be found, not only in the songs title but in its lyrics too ‘I’m too busy moping around” but the propulsive melody and swarming, explosive guitar sounds pretty different to anything on the album and would possibly have detracted from the album thematically, go listen to “The End” as knock out solo track now though, you won’t be disappointed.

Daughter tours the UK at the end of the month supported by the wonderful Wilsen, I’m annoyed to be away on the Brixton date...

Mt. Wolf #6 - Golden


Mt. Wolf have this innate ability to hit your emotional chords with their every track, it’s a trend that continues on their latest “Golden” (featuring guest vocals from Australian singer St. South), a restrained beauty that flickers in the intimate half-light amongst shimmering guitars and perfectly placed dual vocals.

"Golden" fills the gap between last years wonderful Hex EP and an extremely long overdue  debut album, promised for early 2017. 

Fenne Lily #3 - Bud


Pure vocal, emotive lyrics and breezy guitars, that’s Fenne Lily in a nutshell, a simple combination that captivates on the young Bristol based singer-songwriter’s second track “Bud”, a fragile yet beguiling song that’s enough to warm the sternest of souls with its tender, bare-boned truths.

Expect to see the name on many 'ones to watch in 2017' lists.