RALPH - New Music "Introducing"


Time for a bank holiday boogie? Toronto's Ralph want you to do just that with their slick debut "Trouble".

Think of a half-way house between the fizzing, shimmering neu-disco of Chromatics and seductive, 80's new wave pop and you'll be right about there, the superstars throughout being the funky guitar riff and vocalist Raffa's powerhouse voice.  You'll have this in your head for days...

Ghostly Kisses - New Music "Introducing"


Ghostly Kisses, the name and a pretty apt description for the debut track "Never Know" by the Quebec City duo of Margaux Sauvé & Dragos Chiriac.

Ghostly it most definitely is, with thin, haunting vocals and the gentle pitter-patter of synths floating across the track and kisses is most certainly gives you too, a seductively soft, caressing melody that lifts you up and embraces you like you've just arrived home after a long, hard trip away. 

You can download the track on a pay-what-you-like basis now via Bandcamp.

Young Romance #6 - Never Learn


Woah. Here's Young Romance with an absolute beast (and makes me very annoyed with their Aurora sized TGE clash last week). "Never Learn" is the duo's (the track sounds like it's a full band) latest single (released next week ahead of a trip to New York Pop Festival).

It sees their typically pure fuzz-pop reach fever pitch levels with Claire more sneering than ever amongst an onslaught of fast paced drums and soaring guitars. Woah again! It's definitely the best word to describe this.

"Never Learn" is taken from Young Romance's Wild EP, available now via Banquet Records.

Seapony #9 - Saw The Light


So glad about this one. Seapony are a band I've reached out to raise my spirits and soothe my toils for many years now and the announcement of a follow-up to 2012's Falling (their second LP)  is music to my ears. A Vision will be self-released and is due on July 31st (the day after my Birthday, present for me) with its lead track "Saw The Light" a welcome bit of sun-kissed nostalgia. The biggest development is the injection of real drums (RIP drum machine) and the difference is immediately noticeable as the tracks effervescent melody shines with audible warmth.

Here precision beats inject toe-tapping rhythm amongst typical jangle guitar and synths, Jen Weidl's daydreaming vocal and magnificent hooks are pretty much Seapony trademarks so it's pretty obvious that I'd soon be hooked... 

You can pre-order the record now via Bandcamp. Who's doing UK distro?

The Night VI #9 - Just Words


The Night VI have featured on this blog as much as any other act in the past 18 months, the reason for that is simple, they've released a long succession of wonderful singles. The latest of which is "Just Words", softer and smoother than we've heard the London based sextet since "Sienna" it sees keyboardist Kirsty take over (Sophie-Rose adds impeccable backing harmonies) as lead vocalist/songwriter for the first time.

Fear not, this is nothing like the track on a Queen album where Roger Taylor sings, it's just as gorgeous as you'd expect (perhaps more so), where impeccable swooning vocals delight amongst gossamer guitar licks and restrained synth-pop beats. The result is a 90's R&B groove that's destined to hit radio stations across the stations. The blogosphere is right on this occasion.When is the rest of the world going to take note?

"Just Words" is taken from EP III due September 30th, if you pre-order the release via Bandcamp you'll get the three tracks we've had so far digitally upfront (that's "Just Words", "Turn Your Light On" and "Too Late to Lie" ) and a sexy piece of vinyl on release. 

Al Bairre - Bungalow


I thought it right to do an individual blogs on my two, great discoveries at last weeks The Great Escape (2016 dates and tickets already on sale). Starting with Al Bairre whom, if you read my Saturday review you'd already know, blew me away at Komedia Studio Bar...

The Cape Town quintet produced one of the best, funnest, most chaotic live show I've seen in some time. The band's constant energy and enthusiasm propelled itself around the room and by mid-set the entire audience was theirs, girls at the front were jumping around and everyone had a big smile on their face. The closest band I've seen to replicating that sense of enjoyment recently is Hinds and I've read from someone else that was there an Alphabeat comparison which I'd agree with too (I saw Alphabeat at The Great Escape twice back in 2008!).

Heading to their soundcloud and "Bungalow" is their most recent single and it sums up the joyous, frenetic mix perfectly, awash with catchy tropical guitar rhythms and propulsive drums which bounce between the vocal interplay of the band's lead vocalist Nicholas Preen and twins Tessa Johnson and Julia Johnson backing harmonies, the happy-go lucky chorus will soon have you singing along in agreement as well as tapping your toes. Too much fun.

Because you'll definitely want more, I've also included "We Move On". I can remember it from the show, the break sections saw the band sway on stage and it was awesome. Al Bairre are awesome. The band have now returned to South Africa. Let's all club in and bring them back soon please.

Ghost Car - New Music "Introducing"


London's Ghost Car have been sitting in my draft folder for a little while but seeing their name on an upcoming gig listing (tonight at DIY Thursday) jogged my memory sufficiently to finish off this blog...

The quartet released  a split LP back in March via Spanish label UPSY (half the band originate from Spain) and it contains four little nuggets of noise, the wonderful "Woman in the Shadows" is my favourite, a garage pop growler brimming with infectious choruses, riff-tastic guitars and spooky synths. "Be a Better Lady" is pure psychedelic-infused fuzz pop surrounding by punchy beats whilst "Ghost of You" is whimsically haunting and comes across like soundtrack to a late night trip to Alton Towers' Haunted House. Listen below, I promise it's the best way to spend ten minutes of your day.

You can get the LP on vinyl/digital here.

Aisha Badru #2 - Foreign Hands


My discovery of New York's Aisha Badru back in February brought instant butterflies, "Waiting Around" introducing a simply crafted, infinitely charming acoustic singer-songwriter armed with the most delightfully pure and intimate tone. 

The follow-up Foreign Hands" continues that, there's a slightly more uplifting acoustic strum this time but it's still all about the memories that Aisha's hushed textures evoke, beautifully sad/happy dreams await.