Pumarosa - Honey


And so after about one minute of "Honey" by Pumarosa I find myself asking why the bloody hell I've never listened to them before, I think it was the hype, either way, I'm a silly boy.

"Honey" is brilliant. It's  pretty much everything I like wrapped up into five minutes, slow-building, brooding and commanding track that shimmers, soars and thrills in equal measures amongst tight guitars and captivating vocals. 

Now, where is that back-catalogue. 

Shiny Times #3 - Where You Are

Not content with the newly released (and great) second Tape Waves LP Here to Fade Kim Hart Weldin shared a new track earlier this week as Shiny Times, her solo project.

The song, "Where You Are", fits into a similarly ethereal, dream-pop haze as her full-time band but takes a more bedroom-pop route, with a beautifully melancholic and wistful melody repeating around Kim's coo-ing, calming vocals. 

It's the sort of thing perfect for a solo Friday evening in. Oh look, here I am...

Grab it (and an earlier EP) via Bandcamp now.

Molly Burch - Downhearted


Molly Burch is a new signing to the reliable Captured Tracks and comes my way with her first release "Downhearted", a track which instantly recalls label-mates Widowspeak's shadowy guitars and vintage atmosphere.

"Downhearted" is wistful and playful at the same time, filled with a dusty, Angel Olsen-esque vocal full of soul and heartache and echoey, wandering guitarscapes. The single is released September 16th and I'm already waiting for more.

Lisa/Liza #2 - Century Woods


I'm still here. Just. Anyway, let's get straight to some quick posts whilst I'm actually home and I feel like I want to... I couldn't help but be intoxicated by "Century Woods" by Lisa/Liza almost the instant I pressed play, it has that whole dark, mournful, minimalist vibe that I love to wrap myself in.

I actually featured Lisa/Liza almost four years ago here and I'm instantly regretting not hearing her since, this is absolutely gorgeous, slowly unwinding and never hurried, there's little more than gentle and organic guitar strums accompanying Liza's fragile vocals but the result is majestic, a naked, forlorn beauty that is simply hypnotising and haunting.

"Century Woods" is taken from Deserts Of Youth, due September 9th on a limited vinyl run via Orindal Records. There's lots more to catch up with over on Bandcamp. I'lll make time for just that soon I promise.

Joseph #3 - SOS (Overboard)


Another brilliant gig I went to recently was the superb double-header of Liza Anne and Joseph at the gorgeous St Pancras Old Church. Joseph, played as a trio and melted my heart with their effortless harmonies and beguiling music. 

They hinted that their usual live sound was 'bigger' than we heard that night and the latest single from the sister's forthcoming album I'm Alone, No You're Not, released August 26th certainly backs that up. "SOS (Overboard)" starts with those signature harmonies, tight and pure before morphing into a 90's era power ballad filled with punchy singalong choruses and booming instrumentation. It's works brilliant, a soaring, heart-warming epic. Like "White Flag" before it, I love it. 

Liza Anne's new material was great too, so keep an eye out for that...

Billie Marten #5 - Lionhearted


The days have all blurred into one recently (my absence from this blog has many reasons including lack of mojo and lack of time) but I cannot quite believe it's already nearly a month since I was sweetly serenaded by three brilliant songwriters at Shakespeare's Globe. 

The middle of those three was Billie Marten, who let the crowd, who were naturally haunched down, lingering on her every word, know that this track "Lionhearted" was to be her new single and her debut album is forthcoming (Writing of Blues And Yellows, released on the 23rd September through Chess Club Records/RCA).    

The track itself is remarkable, a pure and fragile beauty that defies too many words, so I'm not going to ramble on any more, just fall in love with this incredible talent. 

Julia Jacklin #2 - Coming of Age


Julia Jacklin cant do much wrong at the minute (as far as I'm concerned anyway) and the third track taken from her debut album Don't Let the Kids Win (due on October 7th) certainly confirms that. 

"Coming Of Age", a storming, fuzzy country-rocker perfectly captures the live sound of Julia's band (well the one I heard twice at The Great Escape anyway), more direct and snappy than the ballads "Pool Party" and "Leadlight” but no the more emotive, there's plenty of guitars, stomping beats and noise and that is certainly all good with me.

I'll see you down the front at The Lexington in a little over a week.

Miya Folick #4 - Pet Body



Miya Folick released one of my favourite releases of 2015 with her impeccable debut EP Strange Darling, a six track, genre crossing collection of heartbreak and vulnerability, grit and fuzz.

Miya returns this week with the juggernaut "Pet Body" , a more direct and ferocious slice of awesomeness, it takes about ten seconds to make its intent clear,  filled with brash guitars, rumbling drums and punky choruses, it's an absolute beast.

Still waiting for UK dates...