Gordi - New Music "Introducing"


Another Australian artist now, Gordi aka Sydney based 21 year old Sophie Payten and her debut track “Nothing’s As It Seems”. An intoxicating, timeless beauty that's already picked up some mighty plaudits - I'd like to add myself to that list (not that I'm mighty).

Gently melodic, always breezy guitars and minimal synths skitters provide the sparse back-drop to a track that could have been written at any point over the last forty years, Gordi's ethereal vocal sounding both gorgeously enchanting and emotional vulnerable throughout on a track that lets in both dark and light, the wistful nature perfectly summed up by it's losing lyrics "Carry on just for a while, you get lost and hurry, can you see it now?, that nothing's as it seems somehow".

All eyes on track two.