Elizabeth Vince - New Music "Introducing"


Thanks to my good friend Phill at Tru Luv for this discovery. Manchester's Elizabeth Vince who has just released her debut solo EP, Our Loving Cage (available now via Bandcamp and iTunes).

I'll start with the track that Phill put me on to, "I Was All I Was", a sparse, spellbinding beauty in the dark that murmurs with a similar sense of eeriness to Chelsea Wolfe's "Movie Screen". A gorgeously hypnotic listen full of chilled, haunted atmosphere, trip hop-esque beats and a soft and forlorn vocals. EP Opener "Keep A Light Doubt" similarly creeps around dark, ambient textures, twinkling electronics and ghost-like, spectral wanderings.

The melancholic, emotive vibe of "Alone" brings Portishead thoughts to mind with layers of vocals and pared-down beats whilst the EP closes on the title track, where a brooding build-up of choral harmony and rhythmic beats climax with soaring emotion that inspires the heart and soul.

Our Loving Cage is the sort of EP that begs to be heard on a good pair of headphones with the lights out. Go and do that now...