Childsaint - New Music "Introducing"


Now that Hella Better Dancer are no more (sad face) it's going to be hard to find a band whom combine wonderful spidery guitar patterns, a tight rhythms sections with intoxicating, dream-inducing vocals quite the same (of course we now have Lazy Day and Our Girl). The first candidate to take over as my favourite unheralded band come from the other side of the globe. Perth, Australia, quartet Childsaint who arrive with their debut, brilliant, EP Sick.

"Dessert" contains all of the aforementioned sounds, chugging, chiming guitars, looping melody and luxurious vocals. It's nonchalant and dreamy yet always beautiful and magnetic.  The darkly hued "Suicide Coda" The darkly hued "suicide Coda" is equally rewarding with its haunting, glistening melody looping with swelling, menacing intent. 

"Bury Me" fuses a tougher, grungier sound with cascading, ringing guitars and big drums before closing with the stunning "Cold Summer", a slowly developing bass-driven jam takes you back to the dreaminess of the opening track, hazy, wistful, brooding and beautiful. 

So, when are you moving to London girls?