Wild Balbina #2 - Stay Alive


Another catch-up with a band I've not featured for two years. Spanish quartet Wild Balbina originally came to my attention on their ramshackle garage pop debut Eat Tacos, something I called a glorious mix of all things fuzzy. They return with "Stay Alive" a single taken from a mini-LP Sisters Before Misters which unbeknown to me, came out earlier this year via the ever great Elefant Records.

Time constraints mean I'll focus on the digital single, "Stay Alive" is more harmonic and polished than their 2012 debut with 60's girl group syrupy vocals meeting early 90's Breeders-esque surf rock, full of nostalgic, dreamy energy, rip-roaring guitar distortion and an infectious chorus. Fans of Best Coast et al should definitely take note.  "Such a Jerk"  is similarly straightforward and catchy but is more Veronica Falls than BC, darker with sprawling bass, consistent drum rhythms and jagged guitar hooks combining with soon to be inside your brain choruses. It's simply ace.

The EP is available now (order here) and instantly goes on my 'want list' for pay day. I'm perhaps a little late in letting you know this but the band play in Cardiff tonight before hitting London's Lexington tomorrow - details.