Dog In The Snow #6 - Africa / Concrete Wall



Here follows a long overdue catch up with Dog In The Snow, the Brighton duo of Helen Ganya Brown and Eva Brown have featured here with both the tracks I'm going to talk about now previously but their paring as a downloadable single (available now on iTunes) provides sufficient ammunition to hopefully introduce a few new listeners to their wonderful music, for that is what this blog is all about...

"Africa" is Dog In The Snow's second official single and does a brilliant job of introducing the undulating rhythms and otherworldly essence that make the duo one of the most exciting, underrated new UK acts. It remains very similar to a demo version I talked about almost two years ago now, restrained and fresh throughout, with soft ringing guitar patterns and eerie backing vocals gently rising amongst subtle layers of synth and echoey beats. The result is stark, organic and wholly beautiful.

From the same original set of demos also comes the claustrophobic "Concrete Wall", a track that is sparser and spectral still with a sole looping guitar washing over tingling synths and shimmering effects whilst Helen's ghostly vocals enchant with every whisper. Delicious.