Oh Land #3 – Head Up High / Earth Sick

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I've talked about my pop crush on Oh Land here a couple of times already, let's go again with two new tracks taken from her forthcoming album Earth Sick.

Pop is a genre I float towards on occasion but tend to avoid, we've probably got twerking and X Factor to blame for that, yet all be said, when it's done as well as it is by the Danish bred, New York based Nanna Oland Fabricius, a joyous listen is pretty much guaranteed...

"Head Up High” sticks closely to the glittery, formula that has worked so well for Oh Land previously on the likes of "Renaissance Girls", "Sun of a Gun" and "White Nights", a propulsive power-pop beast full of infectious, kinetic synth energy and catchy, upbeat choruses, it's infinitely better than any pop song heard on Radio One this year.

The second track shared is the title to Oh Land's fourth album, "Earth Sick" is a world apart from "Head Up High", highlighting her genre-swapping ability perfectly, moving from pop scarlet to minimal, brooding electronica at the drop of a hat, this intimate, emotive beauty is soft, brooding atmosphere and ethereal wonder. The harmonies and strings that close out the track are simply stunning.

Earth Sick set for release November 11th via Oh Land's own independent imprint, Tusk or Tooth. A Pledge Music campaign with is currently running (only 5 days left) if you fancy some exclusive extras.