S - Vampires


Unsearchable band names don't come any more so than S, the new project of Carissa's Wierd's Jenn Ghetto who released her fourth solo record Cool Choices via the ever-reliable Hardly Art last month.

It's the nearly released video for "Vampires" however that serves as my intro, a fully-formed indie-pop sound is soon found with raw emotive songs clashing with warm, nostalgic melody. "Brunch" continues with the theme of break-up and heartache lyrically but bright, chiming guitar solos and Jenn's breathy vocals do a good job at hiding the subject matter within neatly packaged fuzz-pop gems. The sort that I cannot helpbut adore.

An album to investigate further is found. Something that can be done with Cool Choices out now - order via Norman Records or your favourite store.