Tashaki Miyaki #9 - The Beautiful Ones


Covering Prince is a tricky thing to do, especially in the eyes of an uber fan like myself. In fact I can only think of a few decent attempts; Alicia Keys did a splendid job on "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore", Gazelle Twin's rendition of "I Wonder U" is great and perhaps you can add Mariah Carey's OTT cover of the track I'll be talking about today (then there's Chaka Khan of course, and TLC too but their cover of the phenomenal "If I Was Your Girlfriend" isn't so much a cover as a copy). Usually though when an artist covers Prince (who himself likes the odd cover version), it manages to sound like someone down your local after a few pints...

LA's Tashaki Miyaki, never a pair to shy away from covers (see this post or this or this) are the latest to throw their hat into the ring with a bubbling cover of Purple Rain's "The Beautiful Ones". Now a hazy, nostalgic sweet love song in which twinkling keys and hazy guitars gently lull softening vocals with pretty wonderful results. Then instead of growing to the original's orgasmic finale, Tashaki Miyaki slow things down further, changing the words "I want you, I want you, I want you, yes I do, yes I do, yes I do" from desperate, yearning cries to an intimate and soft beauty. It gets the thumbs up from me.

The track is available to stream / download below - a Covers EP (I'm not sure if that's more new covers, details are as yet unannounced) is promised soon.