To The Wedding #3 - Set Fire


To The Wedding, San Francisco's Lauren Grubb, has already cemented herself as one of 2014's stand-out artists with just three tracks. Previous singles "Silver Currents" and "Come On" introduced an immersive, unhurried songcraft and now "Set Fire" has come along and trumped them both...

Bigger, larger, even better, "Set Fire" beings similarly restrained, with Lauren's smoky vocals intoxicating softly strummed guitar before enveloping you slowly within a hazy, cinematic monster as skyscraper rhythms build and build into a crescendo of Hope of the States esque instrumental sound. A huge drip feed of emotion awaits.

"Set Fire", like the aforementioned tracks are taken from To The Wedding's forthcoming EP Silver Currents released next week - order via Bandcamp now.