Sophie Jamieson #8 - Take

SJ Press Pic Backup.jpg

I doubt I need to reaffirm my love for the music of Sophie Jamieson on these pages. I've spoken at length before about the stunning progression made from what began over two years ago as the solo project of shy singer-songwriter to what we have on their (the quartet, recording under Sophie's name) new single "Take". Here then, I'll simply tell you it's fantastic to have witnessed it from a relatively close distance.

"Take" is brilliant. I don't know if you can call a track that's full of bitter resentment about a doomed relationship enjoyable but the compelling, bold experimental rhythms and shimmering soundscapes here are effortless and immersive, spiraling around Sophie's most aggressive vocal yet, releasing all her built-up emotion in a final burst of anguished desperation. 

"Take" is released as a single on December 8th, with an EP due next year. Sophie plays London's Sebright Arms on December 9th - details - see you there.