Adna #4 - Living

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If you've seen any of my previous posts on the Swedish artist Adna (now Berlin based) you'd probably know I was compelled by her haunting songcraft and beautiful, affecting vocals. Well today, consider me smitten...

Still just 19, "Living" is the first track taken from Adna's second album due next year (her debut Night came out this spring) and immediately it hits hard with an incredible opening verse "I need to get out of my own head, to leave my whole past, get new thoughts, new feelings, a whole new life, I never wanted this one". 

The pained, emotive lyrics are accompanied by an immersive melody where a soft ringing guitar and twinkling piano is joined by a progressive drum heartbeat, already "Living" is highlighting a polished, progressive sound but just then, the chorus hits and bam. The track explodes, blowing you away for good with a soaring, kaleidoscopic power-pop surge. I simply love it.

With the additional sheen, atmosphere and brilliance hinted at here, 2015 could well be a year when we see a lot more of Adna. Let's hope so,