Angel Olsen #4 - Windows


Oh Angel Olsen, it's just impossible to be angry at you (or specifically your label) for re-releasing your album with a handful of new tracks at a full price when I already own it, when your music is so incredible.

The albums original closing track "Windows" has been gifted a video, granted a rather odd video which sees Angel have some cream rubbed all over her face before later transforming into an Elizabeth II clone. Anyway, I'll focus on the music... The track is one of my favourites from Angel's wonderful album Burn Your Fire For No Witness LP, which you may have worked out has been released (just in time for Christmas) as a deluxe edition with five additional tracks.,, 

"Windows" is an emotive tour-de-force which epitomises Angel's dark, burning brilliance, her yearning vocals captivate throughout, her lyrical prose as ever, exemplary and the melody is full of rich, haunting melancholy.  For those of us who revel in the dark radiance in which Angel roams, it's utter heaven...