Impulsive Hearts #2 - Impulsive Hearts


Following the wonderful "MDB" I was pretty keen to hear some more from Chicago's Impulsive Hearts, a newly released self-titled tape EP gives me just that opportunity...

The four tracks, which includes a rougher, seemingly unmastered version of "MDB" are raw around the edges but immediately get the pulses racing just the same way as the aforementioned did with "SVE YRSELF" combining fuzzy guitar driven dream-pop with 60's girl group vocals, cavernous drums and infectious choruses to delightful effect.

The swarming "WASP" may be even better, gritty and tough on the surface but hiding underneath is a breezy, driving melody with Danielle Sines' dreamy vocals letting you know that it's really another sing-along anthem. The EP is available for just $3 via Bandcamp now. Go fall in love.