Powder Blue #3 - Feel It


A very much welcome back to Powder Blue, one of the undoubted discoveries of May's Great Escape Festival (although I had written about them twice prior, the two shows I caught in Brighton served as the perfect arena to fall smitten for the Canadian band who appear, from the included press photo, to have undergone a couple of line-up changes and are now a trio).

"Feel It" arrives some six months later, the first song taken from a forthcoming six track EP II which will be self-released on December 8th and instantly makes me fall in love all over again, another simmering psyche rock epic with a slow-burn maze of swirling guitars hypnotising around beautiful, hazy vocals and big, punishing beats. It's very much the sort of thing that has been filling these pages for over five years now.

The good news doesn't end there with a two week long European tour announced to accompany the release, kicking off at London's Surya on December 2nd - full dates.