First Aid Kit #10 - America


I'm not at all sure what the deal is with what looks like another Record Store Day in the US on Friday, November 28th - the same day 'Black Friday'. A commercial gimmick most likely to generate some more revenue for Beatles re-re-re-re-re-issues and 'special edition', 'anniversary edition' vinyls at vastly inflated prices. At least though, there are the odd couple of gems to be found. St Vincent has a 10" single with two unheard tracks from the St Vincent sessions and this, First Aid Kit tackling Simon & Garfunkel's  "America". The release also consists of unheard track "Brother" and two alternative versions of tracks from this years wonderful Stay Gold LP.

The sister's voices lend themselves perfectly to "Ameriac" (something I have no doubt said before, their honey toned voices seem to match everything they touch) as their effortless and immaculate harmonies sooth and stir throughout typically haunting, confident instrumentation. Such resonant voices and wistful melodies, "America" never sounded so good.