Parrot Dream - New Music "Introducing"


Delving into my inbox next for a rather lovely introduction, Parrot Dream, a NYC based quartet whom instantly won me over with their debut single "Come Home", a sumptuous introduction to the melodic indie-pop soundscapes that can be found fully on their debut six track EP Set Sail Someday - available now and free via the bands own website.

"Come Home" is a glorious, if perhaps more suited for a summer, discovery with tropical guitar rhythms, warming synths and airy vocals combining to fill you in a dreamy, soothing beauty. Something that could also be said for perhaps the finest track on the release "Queen of Hearts", certainly the crisp, melodic instrumentation and swooning melody gives Christina Appel the chance to extend her gorgeous honeyed voice, dealing in a similar shiny, sunny pop realms to Tennis at their chiming best,

Here, Parrot Dream introduce a sound that fits perfectly with those of us looking for a charming, sparkling listen. Go find out for yourself below.