Adria - New Music "Introducing"


When I first heard "Pull Me Under", the debut track from Australian songstress Adria I thought 'wow, that's going to have thousands of plays within hours'. Twenty four hours later it's still on a couple of hundred. What does that mean? Who knows but I am increasingly of the volition that exposure on the bigger pages of online press is increasingly a case of who you know and what strings you can pull rather than talent of the musician(s) involved. Which in itself is a bit of a shame of course, personally I don't give a damn where I discover music, this blog (like many others I know and follow) simply posts the music that I like, hence the simplistic title of the site. The only excuse I can give them is volume, I get hundred more songs a week than I could ever listen to, those with audiences much bigger than this, probably thousandsStill their loss and all... 

The track, as I've adhered to already is a knock-out. The minimal, pulsating synth undercurrent that forms the heartbeat of the track and Adira's smooth, smoky voice live in a similarly dark, edgy realm of Lana's Ultraviolence, captivating through its rich, haunting melody and a smoldering voice that grips you from first note to last.

I didn't mean for this to get a bit ranty, it's been a long day. Go and listen to this stunning track below and add Adria to your 'ones to watch' columns now... "Pull Me Under" is available November 24th via iTunes.