Blossom - New Music "Introducing"

We all do them for sure but some of the stupid things I do involve taking a month to open emails that contain treats such as this. "Stupid Things" is Blossom's second track and my discovery point, the, I am assuming British band (the track is mixed by London mainstay Rory Atwell) remain a mystery to all but come alive with this brilliant, urgent fuzz-pop track.

Accompanied by a video that cuts countless cult films together, True Romance, Better off Dead, Pretty In Pink all make an appearance, "Stupid Things" is a track that makes me think of Carousels, a band I loved back in 2011/12 who sadly disparted after just one EP (although Angela now heads Parlour and joins Nick in Prom - who also plays guitar with Eliot Sumner). A buzzing, punishing, joyous anthem that's full of noise, fuzz and menace but retains perfect control of melody, infusing itself around in your head and commanding repeat plays. Big, bright pop - just one more play then.