Hey Elbow #2 - Martin


Sorry for the unannounced break on the blog, if you looked on my twitter account you may have seen I had a couple short breaks. I had hoped to sandwich in a few posts whilst away and in transition from Brussels to Staffordshire, but alas, that was not to be. Normal service shall now be resumed up until Christmas when I'll probably take another break, this is a 'hobby' after all....

Anyway, I wanted to go and see Hey Elbow when they supported (and provided a backing band) for Alice Boman in early September but the date was no good for me, something I can likewise say to their next London date, similarly with Alice Boman (at London's Lexington on December 9th) so for now I'll have to admire the band from the comfort of my home and headphones.

Their second track "Martin" gives me chance to do just that, it sees the Stockholm trio find a home on Adrian Recordings and perhaps introduce their eccentric cacophony of noise pop to a brand new audience. I'm going to stick with my earlier comparison of These New Puritans esque mayhem, now with added  discordant rhythms and breathy vocals that recall St Vincent, in the mix too. "Martin" quickly revels itself to be a fantastic and abstract beast with quirky electronica, bellowing horns and pounding drums colliding to the most addictive of results.

The track is released November 26th with a debut album announced to follow, presumably in 2015.