IYES #2 - Glow

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Looking for a Friday night tune? Then look no more. For this is a tune. In capital letters (if you like that sort of things). The Brighton duo Melis Soyaslanova, and Josh Christophe, IYES to you and me, return with "Glow", a track long-term admires of the pair will be familiar with thanks to an earlier demo.

It returns now, fully formed as a euphoric dance-floor filler. Building from a dreamy start with Melis' beautifully sweet vocals soon joined by Josh's complementing voice and shimmering melody which grows and grows with progressively addictive synths and layers of percussive beats to something quite compelling.

"Glow" is released on the bands own label Love by Mistake/Sony December 21st - iTunes pre-order. IYES play London's Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on December 3rd - tickets.