Oh Wonder #2 - All We Do


Welcome December. I'm sure you've all seen the BBC Sound of 2015 list already (yay to Shura and Rae Morris, both whom first featured here back in 2011!). Tomorrow on a smaller scale, the Blog Sound of 2015 list follows (the latter, which this little blog was part of) and then the day after, I'll start posting my own tips (this year there is actually an artist that features in all three).

List season is in full swing. Some people love it, some people hate it. Me well, I've always been a statto so I have to say it's one of my favourite times of the year. However you want to look at 'tips/best of' lists, they are a pretty succinct way of discovering lots of new talent whatever sort of music you like..

One band who are perhaps too new to feature on these lists (often compiled months before the end of the year) are the duo Oh Wonder (formerly Wonder Wonder) who released their new song (part of their twelve month, one song a month project) "All We Do" earlier today. It's simply gorgeous. A subtle, bewitching beauty that puts you under its spell with little more than twinkling piano keys, later joined by sparse beats and the duo's pared vocals, softening, hushed voices that compliment each over to perfection and wrap the listening in a warm, blissful layer of wonder. Their name certainly seems apt.