Albums of 2014 #23 - Tape Waves - Let You Go

Tape Waves
Let You Go
Bleeding Gold Records. Released July 28th.

The duo of Kim and Jarod Weldin released their debut album Let You Go in July via the excellent Bleeding Gold Records and it serves as the finest collection of summer-tinged indie pop gems of 2014.

Opener “Slow Days” lets you know what to expect from the album from the outset, a soft, tranquil combination of lulling drum-machine rhythms, sun-kissed melodies and even prettier vocals. It serves more than that however, the circling guitar rhythm is one of the most hypnotising on the album and the breathy sighs that accompany the track to its conclusion can only fill you with a warming glow.

“All I Can See” is one of the highlights, armed with a faster melody than we’ve previously heard from Tape Waves. it sees chiming guitars race around Kim’s drifting vocal with the next track, the title track equally impressive. Here layers of jangle guitars riffs circle around a precise beat and some wonderfully nostalgic lyrics with the repeated final words of “how can I let you go” sure to embed themselves in your head. 

Two tracks re-appear from last years wonderful debut EP, "Ready Now" is utterly beautiful, a breezy melody twinkles with soft percussion and calming vocals and "Wherever I Go", where a surf-pop guitar riff echoes around rat-a-tat percussion and the airy, whispered vocals which blissfully calm and soothe. whilst last track “I Can Tell” is more spacious instrumentally with some luscious, cooed backing vocals. 

I don’t live near the beach, I doubt I ever will live near the beach, but if I did (or if I was just visiting) then Let You Go is the perfect soundtrack for a laid-back cruise around the seafront, wistfully passing your days with the most sweet, charming collection of pop tracks that never once out stay their welcome. Though, fear not fellow landlocked friends, the album is just as perfect to listen to as you gaze into space lost in pleasant/sad thoughts.