Albums of 2014 #25 - Dum Dum Girls - Too True

Dum Dum Girls.
Too True
Sub Pop. Released January 27th.

The overall theme of Too True sees Dum Dum Girls leave behind much of their garage-pop roots and complete a transformation to 80's inspired, Cure-esque dark-pop with menacing rhythms and echoey guitar shimmers that could have been written at any point in time since.

"Evil Blooms" is the perfect example on the reverb-heavy sheen that propels uplifting melodies with darkly-hued intent. "Lost Boys and Girls Club" adds in a synthetic heart-beat amongst gorgeously dreamy harmonies and "Rimbaud Eyes" is a sweet pop hit in the making, armed with a cinematic melody laced in fuzz and Dee Dee's smoky, unmistakable vocal.

The title track "Too True to Be Good" similarly swirls with intoxicating bliss, throughout the formula rarely changes; short, sharp, simple and immediate, treading a similar path to that of last years PINS album, a dark, brooding combination of jangly goodness that can be traced back to Siouxsie and all, it's one that meets with my instant approval.