Albums of 2014 #19 - I Break Horses

I Break Horses 
Bella Union. Released January 20th.

I Break Horses' second LP Chiaroscuro, released via Bella Union, took a little of getting used to at first, with the new-wave melody and spiraling beats of "Faith" rivaling Crystal Castles more than the frozen synths and shogaze influences of the Swede's debut record Hearts. Once you accept it however, a brilliant, immersive listen awaits.

"You Burn" absorbs you fully into the album, exquisite throughout it's as seductive and haunting a moment as heard from Maria Lindén's project to-date, shadowy beats and chiming piano keys provide an equal measure of chills and subtle, slow motion seduction amongst a vocal which surprises with its clarity and an almost poppy chorus.

Light and dark shade combine throughout, "Heart to Know" closes the record on the most powerful of moments, swathes of reverberated feedback and subtle atmosphere allow Maria's warming vocals to carry the most emotive of messages whilst the glittering "Mediciine Brush's" denser, bleak dystopic outlook and the neon-noir synth pop brilliance of "Denial" are equally rewarding.

Chiaroscuro is an album you may need to spend some time with, but delve deeper and riches are there to be discovered. Go and find them.