Albums of 2014 #18 - Sea Oleena - Shallow

Sea Oleena
Lefse Records. Released September 30th

I featured Sea Oleena here a couple of times over three years ago now, she, Montreal's Charlotte Loseth, returns, belatedly, after three quiet years spent writing, recording and whatever it is that incredibly talented musicians do. The result is her debut full-length record Shallow, released September 30 via Lefse Records.

Opening track "If I'm" instantly makes the wait seem worth the while, introducing a more developed, increasingly ambient continuation (and it's not just the move from a bedroom to a studio to that for that) of her soothing  musical landscapes, adding rich, cinematic instrumentation to the soft, haunting lullabies that comfort and sooth in equal measure. "If I'm" is pure, beguiling art at it's finest, a vast ocean of organic textures and intimate soundscapes which pull you in and leave you in the most dreamlike of states.

The rest of the album follows accordingly, it's a experience to be savoured as a whole, one of those rare moments of complete, understated beauty, "Shallow" pulls you into it's dreamlike world, drowning you within its atmosphere with fragile piano and ambient textures much akin to the pared-down twinkles of the equally beautiful "Shades of Golden" whilst the eleven minute wonder that is "Vinon, LA" slowly unravels itself with bare, intimate wonder.

The entirety of Shallow is simply one long, lingering piece of brilliance. Make sure you saviour it.