Albums of 2014 #8 - Marissa Nadler - July

Marissa Nadler
Bella Union. February 10th.

I'm not quite sure why I've never really listened to Marissa Nadler before 2014, despite releasing material at a consistent rate for almost ten years I don't think I've ever heard her until I pressed play on "Was It A Dream", a track from her album July (and the first released by Bella Union here in the UK). Immediately the track ticked my boxes, a guazy-like haze of misty-eyed beauty drenched in Marissa's luxurious voice and maudlin guitar strums, her vocal comforts you like a warming blanket and hypnotises you into repeated submersion.

Sitting in the same realms of dark melancholy "Dead City Emily" is equally rewarding, with a pretty guitar melody creating a serene mood around soft soothing vocals, it's the sort of thing dreams are made of. Throughout July is a masterclass in atmosphere, the perfect balance of space and intoxication, the divine "Firecrackers" sums up just how Marissa uses her enchanting voice to weave her spell and her haunting lyrics to tale tales of loves past and lost.

The opening track "Drive" is more direct but just as devastating, a ringing, repeating guitar melody guides Marissa's drifting, serene vocal whilst "Anyone Else" is another highlight with harder guitar rhythms and ambient backing harmonies bringing in the albums most Gothic of moments.

Such immersive, moreish beauty and just as stunning live too (as any attendees at either London 2014 show would testify), Marissa Nadler may have been a late discovery for me, but sometimes late is just fine.