Fifteen for 2015 #2 - Sea Change


Sea Change (aka Norway's Ellen Sundes) was one of my revelations at The Great Escape (and judging by the reviews I've read, many others too). Even as an act I'd blogged about before the festival I was taken aback by her live show, performing as a trio in a pitch black (and tiny) basement I saw as intense and chilly a set I've ever witnessed - easily one of the years highlights and that in a year when I've seen Prince three times - extraordinarily dark, her (surprisingly) epic electronic soundscapes and bass guitar rhythms combined perfectly around undeniably sweet, ethereal vocals. It was simply stunning.

The studio version of "Bridges" was released a couple of days before I departed for Brighton and with some distance from that performance it still mesmerises, starting relatively calm with ambient glitches, effects and spectral vocals immersing you fully within a hypnotic, dream-like state before spiraling to a searing finale of electronic noise, guitar and emotion. 

"Let's Dance" and "Bursting" served as my introduction back in April, the former (not a Bowie cover)  is full of lush soundscapes and bewitching ambiance that exemplifies Sea Change, a slow-burn rise in melody through skittering electronics, vivid textures and natural space before rising with mysterious, tension-laden atmosphere.. The result is undeniably cold and intense but deeply emotive and beautiful too. An album is promised soon and I cannot wait.

Sea Change's website has a London date penciled in for Feb 27th - hopefully I shall see you there.