Fifteen For 2015 #3 - Jagaara


The first of my 'tips' that I'm yet to see live (Jagaara have had an uncanny knack of announcing gigs on Wednesday's when I'm busy with my family duties or when I'm in Staffordshire)- I hope to put that right before Christmas and I've only heard good things from friends.

Jagaara instantly put themselves on the radar of countless new music bloggers with their debut track "Faultline", an exquisite combination of soft, brooding atmosphere, shimmering guitars and beautifully smooth, hypnotic vocals. Instantly drawing comparison with fellow sibling trio Haim's harmony-laden soft-rock and the dream-like sonic textures and gloss of Warpaint.

Their second released track "Heartbeats" was a more chilled, ambient affair but continued to weave the sister's tight harmonies around sparse, polished melodies, here delicate bass and flickering electronics which gradually shift from guitars to soaring, atmospheric electronics.

I've already had glimpse of what 2015 may bring, having heard a half dozen tracks in total by the band, the beautifully tight "All or Nothing" is a brilliant, swelling guitar-based song that could well be there best moment yet and the torchlight beauty of both "California" and "Marble Arch" heightens the trio's knack of impeccable, slow-burning ballads. The combination of dreamy vocals and fiery, emotive guitars sound just perfect to these ears.