Fifteen For 2015 #4 - Eliot Sumner


Eliot Sumner has been one of my unexpected revelations of 2014. If you asked me whether the artist formerly known as I Should Coco would be one of my favourite discoveries of the year I'd probably have called you madder than Brian Mad of Madcastle. It happened over seven revelatory minutes when I first heard "Information". 

The track is an absolute knock out. A surging drum march drives the synth-and-strings track forward with gorgeous shimmering guitars dueling with korg keys, it's Toy-esque both in terms of its dense, extended Motorik rhythms and progressive, glistening melody. It keeps on giving throughout its seven minute duration with Eliot's soaring, impassioned vocal the icing on the cake. 

An EP shortly followed and equally rewards. "Come Friday" is similar in style and scope with its epic, pulsating melody and surging, racing rhythms, my favourite bit has to be at around two and a half minutes when it comes to the boil with massive, thudding bass rhythms exploding to a euphoric conclusion. Non EP track "I Followed You Back Home" is just as brilliant, continuing Eliot's exploration of darkly-hued pop-rock with edgy, ill-at-ease mood befitting of the stalking intent of the lyrics as a melodramatic melody races alongside the family's trademark raspy vocal before signing off on a high with larger than life finale, it simply dazzles. 

I recently saw Eliot live supporting Lykke Li and was suitably impressed, a stage presence that surely owns its thanks to her father saw her command Hammersmith Apollo like she'd played it countless times prior, swinging her bass around like a toy and staring wide eyed out to the crowd. It was utterly transfixing. 

Eliot is currently recording her debut album, it promises to be one of 2015's finest.