Fifteen For 2015 #6 - Shura

Shura, one of the more obvious of my picks (on my only shared inclusion from the BBC sound of 2015 list) deserves all her recent plaudits for releasing three of 2014's finest pop moments. The acceleration from 2011's night folk EP to 2014's bedroom pop came just before Valentine's Day with the release of "Touch" (a track I've already named as my of the first half of 2014 and I'm not changing its position at the end of the year either). It's since received an obscene number of plays all over the Internet (5 million on youtube and soundcloud alone) and on my no doubt hundredth odd listen it's still obvious why, a luxurious, sultry beauty that swoons amongst soft-glittering electronics and tells tales of intimate frustration and heartache that connect with all.

That wasn't enough, "Just Once" followed with equally smooth, shimmering textures guiding Shura's softly spoken vulnerability to perfection and news of a Polydor signing was coupled by the brilliant "Indecision", a more 80's indebted, school dance-floor jam with sparkling synths and woozy guitars. A trio of absolute stunners later and Shura is a name on everyone's lips.  

I was gutted I couldn't make her debut London show and will hope to set that right next year, I'm sure I'll get plenty of chances. Let's hope she can tear herself away from Telltale Games adventures and record an album in 2015. I think there's quite a few people waiting to hear it.