Fifteen For 2015 #8 - The Night VI


One of the acts I've written about here the most this year, The Night VI followed 2013's beautiful EP Still Thinking of You with a steady stream of immaculately smooth pop hits. For much of the year "Sienna" was my favourite track by the sextet but they've recently trumped that with "Heroine" and with a brilliant self-released EP DIY under their belt, 2015 promises to be even better for the London based group.

If you've been living under a rock and have missed the band until now, "Sienna" does a great job of introducing them, it's simply irresistible. Built around the pristine vocal of Sophie-Rose, here filled with more heartache and emotion that you could bottle and supported by spacious, widescreen instrumentation is a flawless, crisp and clear beauty that hooks you in from first until last.

2014 also brought "Wonderlust", a driving 0's power-pop anthem in waiting which will immediately have you bopping your head along in approval amongst its punchy rhythms and sprightly synths, there's even room for an emphatic guitar solo half-way through and "Heroine" was even better. A silky smooth and intoxicating listen with shimmering instrumentation gliding those ear-worm vocals. "Fears" deserve a mention too, their most intimate and compelling moment yet.

The Night VI have quickly put together a group of tracks capable of sending shivers up your spine or making you smile with pleasure every time you hear them, they deserve to be one of 2015's break-out acts.