Lisa Alma #3 - Last Christmas


If you aren't a fan of 'tips' and 'lists' I can only apologise for this month so far, you'll be glad to know the blog will be back to normal now for eleven months, that is after a couple of festive themed tracks and a little holiday until the new year.

The first Christmas song I'm posting this year is from one of my Tips for 2015, Lisa Alma (who coincidentally and happily just announced her new album Sweater, due out February 16th - no tracks yet but I'm sure they'll follow soon)...

Her version of Wham's "Last Christmas" seems to have been released last year but I've only found it this, it's wonderful too, with Lisa putting her own spin and smoldering vocals to the familiar festive favourite (bit of a tongue twister that). Here, the song is sparser (even more so than the equally brilliant version by I Like Trains) and drips with more emotion than ever before with soft, chilly synths, twinkling keys and restrained beats combining with that heavenly vocal, her soulful voice that soothes with dreamlike results. Utterly gorgeous.