Fifteen For 2015 #11 - Novella


Like Embers, Novella were one of my 'Tips for 2012 and 2013' and whilst they've released a wonderful EP in 2012 and a smaller scale one in 2013, the London quintet (I'm still yet to see them as a quintet, having only played a small handful of shows this year on dates that I could not make) are yet to fulfill their promise with a debut album. 2015 should surely be the year that changes...

I've been hooked on Novella since the very start, their debut songs "The Things You Do" and "Oh Brian" over three years ago now. The buzz was apparent and fulfilled by 2012's debut EP and subsequent single "Mary's Gun", the former appearing at number eight in my releases of 2012 list, a 'sumptuous cocktail of sugary vocals buried in a sea of hazy, grungy guitars and battering drum beats'. 

This year saw no releases for Novella at all so it's still "Follow" the single from the brilliant Murmurs EP that counts as their most recent track, a long, winding intro hints at what the band are about, a raw, sprawling blend of psyche-guitars and repetitive rhythms infecting your head before finally, just after the two minute mark Hollie's luscious vocals enter, floating nonchalantly with a dreamy hue of hypnotic beauty to a spacey, exhilarating conclusion.

Their live show is even better. Making a whole lot of wonderful, sprawling noise. Let's hope 2015 finally makes me a happy bunny with news of a record and more live dates, I'm sure I'm no the only person eager for more.