Fifteen For 2015 #14 - Sophie Jamieson


Another returning 'tip' and an act I've talked about so often on these pages I could almost be accused of turning stalker fan. Sophie Jamieson has long been a huge favourite on these pages and next year when her latest EP drops, the quartet are sure to see their ever increasing number of admirers further grow.

Their latest single "Take" signals a bigger progression to Sophie's intimate songcraft than ever before. Now tackling beautifully constructed, experimental rhythms and spiraling guitarscapes far and beyond her beautifully affecting solo material (that's not to say those tracks aren't still wonderful, see "Waterloo" or "Ode to the East" for proof).

Earlier single, spring's wonderful double A-side single Stain/Other hinted at as much. "Stain" leaves exactly that on you, combining Sophie's delectable vocals, heart shattering lyrics and restrained instrumentation, the perfect marriage of space and structure to get under your skin with spine-tingling effect. "Other", a fully realised beauty which highlights her bands influence more than ever. A stark, haunting drip feed of emotion. 

Aside from the EP, I'm not sure what else Sophie has in store for us in 2015, hopefully some more live shows, they've been too sparse of late and the universal acclaim that she so richly deserves follows.. Perhaps 2015 is still too soon for that album, I'll keep on waiting...