Fifteen For 2015 #15 - Arctic Lake


My final 'ones to watch' post of 2015 is a little bit of a chance, Arctic Lake are a band I've heard just the one track from and I'm yet to see live but that one track is a good 'un and what are lists but a way to hopefully introduce a band to a new audience, be that one person or ten.

The delicate, shimmering guitar textures and haunting vocals that introduce the trio's debut track  belies what is to follow, transforming "How Long Can You Stare" from widescreen London Grammar-esque ambiance to a level that rivals the more ambitious post-rock soundscapes of Explosions in the Sky.

The whole loud/quiet dynamic fits together perfectly, coming across completely unforced as the track weaves a serenely beautiful melody to a devastating, emotive voice before building to a peak of gut-wrenching instrumentation and crashing percussion that sweep you off your feet with an aural storm of noise.

From looking on Facebook, Arctic Lake have a new track due on January 21st, here's waiting optimistically. 

That's it for 2015's ones to watch. That doesn't mean there aren't more bands I'll be following with interest, Lapsley would have been an obvious choice, I almost picked Sisters after how good they were live supporting Lazy Day and than there are plenty of other acts that I'm interested to hear more from,  Abbey Bowden's new band Sanarme to name just one.

If you landed here and want to see a handy list/slideshow of all fifteen of my tips, well you can, just follow this link.