etti/etta - New Music "Introducing"


Another early 2015 bandcamp discovery, Italian/Canadian duo etti/etta and their blistering debut EP No? Yes. "Christa" is the first track I heard, so lets start there, a scuzzy, lo-fi noise-pop track that operates at a hundred miles per hour and firmly in the shadows, it sees a surging storm of guitars and punchy drum beats propel nonchalant vocals and the result captivates with ominous, brooding intent.

The glorious roar of "I Wanna Be a Writer" is arguably the strongest track on the five track release, a memorable guitar riff that surges against propulsive beats and the constant crackle and hum of the instruments, likewise "Seven Sisters" exemplifies the post-punk attitude, full of marvelous driving rhythms, noise/distortion and hazy vocals. 

It's not all doom and gloom, there's sweetness to on closing number "Yellow Flowers", offering the lightest moment on the EP with the rough, howling guitar frenzy joined by a softer, dreamlike vocal, a pure summery delight. 

You can download the EP now on a pay-what-you-like basis - go an get it hereMore is promised soon, I'll definitely be tuning in for that.