Mermaidens - New Music "Introducing"


I'm honest enough to say I didn't really enjoy the latest Warpaint album, "Love Is To Die" and "Disco/Very" aside I found myself disconnected with it. Their trademark groove-laden percussion and dreamy harmonies were there sure and I'm certainly not going to argue about the foursome proficiency as musicians but there weren't any melodies to enjoy and I found myself itching to hear something like "Elephants" to come and save the day. I know others will disagree with that sentiment and I only say it because you can't help but think of the brilliance of Exquisite Corpses when listening to O, an EP by the New Zealand based trio Mermaidens released in the middle of last year (but which came to my attention of Christmas).

"Wander" is full of rumbling drums and dreamy harmonies wrapped around spidery, reverb heavy guitars and the result is rich and hypnotic, soaking you within ethereal realms with jam-heavy, never hurried melody and steadily building atmosphere. "Cold Skin" is darker and yet more haunting with deep drum echoes and shadowy guitars ebbing and flowing from slow, brooding intent to a quivering climax of euphoric noise. Both tracks are quite exceptional.

Newer is a live recording of "Dive" which came out in December and shifts their style somewhat, a bigger, heavier beast propelled by a frenetic rhythm section, searing guitar riffs and intense vocals, straight in your face, it's a world away from the textured structures of that earlier EP. I'm interested to see which way they go next.

Both can be downloaded on a pay what you like basis via Bandcamp