The Lovely Intangibles - New Music "Introducing"


I'll once again let you fellow new music-hunters in to a secret once more and tell you that bandcamp discover is one of the easiest ways to find good new music, you search by genre or date or anything really and voila you find bands/artists like this, New York's The Lovely Intangibles.

"No Amends" is their debut track and is wonderful (I'll say their but I have no idea, there is no personal information on their page and as the song only went live on New Years's day, I've not found any coverage either). Full of shadowy Cure-esque guitars, ambient synths and breathy vocals the track slowly reveals itself to be a shimmering, cinematic beauty with some ominously dark lyrics, the opening line "Prepare for the dark" more than indicative of the seduction that awaits within...