Echo Lake #5 - Waves

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It's great to announce the return of Echo Lake, one of the bands this blog most supported back in 2011 and 2012. Two complete years have passed since the wonderful Wild Peace and the announcement of their second album Era (due 2nd March via No Pain In Popshould hopefully catapult the London based band led by Thom Hill and Linda Jarvis back into the spotlight.

Lead track "Waves" certainly gives the indication it should, highlighting an expansion in terms of size, scope and ambition. Here the bands signature haze of swirling guitarscapes and Linda's ethereal vocals sound denser and more powerful than ever with scorching guitar hooks combining with thundering, percussive repetitions and complimented by pure poetry from Linda's sweetly emotive vocals.

The result is over six minutes in length but never over-long and honestly, is nothing short of compelling. Consider the bar set high.