White Lilac - New Music "Introducing"


I've labelled White Lilac as a new music post although I have featured its lead here before, previously recording as a singer/songwriter in her own name Faye Rogers has expanded her palette and redefined her sound, the result is the quite mesmerising "Night Visions". The first track released as a quartet.

Seven minutes in length and almost split into three parts, the track unveils ambition far and above anything on Faye's tender, pure debut EP. It starts with widescreen, shimmering guitarscapes oozing Daughter-esque atmosphere weaving their way around a graceful, haunting vocal delivery, it leaves you teetering on the edge with spine-tingling emotions before a segue of brooding strings leads you towards the tracks soaring, climactic (and incredible) conclusion. Dark, brooding drums catapult their way to the fore dueling amongst racing guitars as Faye's ethereal whispers repeat the line "maybe you're a night vision, a night vision" amongst gorgeous harmonies. Simply put; a quite spectacular statement of intent.