Laura Marling #11 - False Hope


When I first heard this track last night my instant response was something very similar to 'yes Laura, yes, yes, yes'.

It's incredible to think Laura Marling is about to release her fifth album, it doesn't feel all to long ago that we were listening to her debut as a shy, young singer/songwriter. Much has happened since (although she's still young, just a few weeks away from turning 25) and "False Hope", a track heard from Laura's new album Short Movie, due 23rd March (pre-order available here) adds a brand new palette to the overall sound. Sure we've heard her expand those folk influences before with full, thick dramatics but here she goes all-out, complete with searing, fuzzy guitars and galloping drums.

Of course, on a track titled "False Hope" your're rightly expecting lyrics that deal with heartache and anger and with verses that open "Is it still okay that I still don't know how to love/to be at all" that's what we are dealt, yet with Laura's rousing vocal you can't help think that the corner may about to be turned.

"Flase Hope" is a richly cinematic number that sees her embrace a wild, rockier sound and it genuinely excites me for moreI don't like to see artists standing still and Laura Marling has never done that, here she's unleashes a bit of inner Polly Jean Harvey, swathes of lush layers and reverb and I'm definitely not going to complain about that...