Caitlin Rose #27 - Been Thinkin Bout You All The Time


Happy New Year. Sorry for the unexpected, prolonged absence here. I was simply too busy to find the time to listen to music over the majority of the Christmas period, even less so to write about it.

Where better to start in 2015 than with one of my favourite artists, Caitlin Rose, who shared a sweet, simple demo of a new track penned alongside a new name to me, Willie of The Breedings

"Been Thinkin Bout You All The Time" doesn't necessarily give an indication of what we might expect from Caitlin's third LP, which perhaps may come this year (I can hope, after 2013's The Stand-In) but serves as a fine way to re-accustom yourself to her honey-toned voice, here paired perfectly with Willie's hushed vocal amongst softly strummed acoustic guitars. It's grey and misty outside my window right now so this little beauty does the perfect job of transporting me somewhere a little more appealing, pass me some whisky please...