Sea Change #3 - Above


The first of my 'tips for 2015' to strike with release news is Sea Change, Oslo's Ellen A. W. Sunde announced not only the release of her debut album Breakage (due 23rd February) but also its lead single "Above" just before Christmas and whilst it's not at all festive the collision of Ellen's icy vocals and chilly synths are entirely suited to the colder months.

"Above" is the poppiest song heard from Sea Change to date, taking her cascading Fever Ray esque rhythms and hypnotising vocal to soaring 80's pop heights with a chorus that rises from the immersive, twinkling melody.  

I've been looking forward to a chance to see Sea Change live since last May's The Great Escape where Ellen delivered by set of the festival, a dark, stark, intense performance that sent shivers down my spine and I'm glad to finally be able to report that a date is set, February 27th at London's Sebright Arms - tickets - see you there.