Britain - New Music "Introducing"


The London based duo of Joey Cobb & Katie Drew, Britain, are a discovery I made just prior to Christmas with their involvement at a new music mini-festival at the Lock Tavern, an event I couldn't make but one I was interested in enough to investigate the bands involved. ..

Britain jumped out immediately with a trio of buzz-worthy demo tracks that reminded me of Echo Lake and Still Corners,  a delicious blend of melodic shoe-pop with luxurious instrumentation swirling around dreamy vocals. "Someone Else" and "I Lost Myself" both sum that up perfectly with a thick tapestry of drifting sounds as chugging guitar riffs drone over harmonising sythns and vocals with heady results.

Latest track "Constant" is even more exciting with Katie's lucid voice combining perfectly with beautifully hypnotic instrumentation; shimmering, foot tapping excitement awaits below.