This Is The Kit #3 - Magic Spell


Sorry for the unannounced break. I was away for four days visiting family and returned on Tuesday with a bout of man-flu and coupled with an unusually uninspired period. Fear not, that soon passed, the meh feeling, not the cold that is.

I’ve written previously, at great length, about This Is The Kit and now I return with the release of “Magic Spell”, a track from their recent album Bashed Out but given a make-over ahead of its place as lead track on an EP of the same name due early next year.

This “Magic Spell” is starker and rockier than the album version, with Kate Stables serene, relaxing vocal the perfect antidote to my recent ailments, perfectly cohesive and understated amongst toe-tapping guitar rhythms before causing a long time listener of the band like myself to almost fall out of their chair at the minute mark when swirling synths make an entrance. Fear not old timers, the band and their music remain as natural and effortless as ever. I like the video too. It reminds me of art classes at school. My skills in art class were summed up by my teacher, he called me ‘crappo’ one time...