Eliza Shaddad #6 - Wars


I was lucky enough to see Eliza Shaddad play at The Hospital Club last month, she played this track “Wars” then and it blew my mind and now listening to the studio version for the first handful of times, it’s doing it again.

When I wrote about “Waters”, the title track to Eliza’s 2014 EP I mentioned her changing tact, from serene folk storyteller to a bolder, more ambitious and adventurous songwriter with the addition of an expanded sound full of darker, brooding intent. Well “Wars” is all that and a million times more, the most direct and aggressive we’ve heard Eliza to date.

On the track there’s plenty of room for her band to play and boy, do they, there’s machine drum percussion and creeping guitar rhythms dominating the progressively grungy soundscapes, increasing in volume and menace amongst Eliza’s ever exceptional vocal, conveying the power of the track with perfectly controlled conviction.  A real stunner.

A new EP entitled Run is due next year. I cannae wait...