Unnveig Aas #3 - Run


I’ve always been partial to a big, sweeping country-tinged ballad and Unnveig Aas is here to fill in my quota with the luscious “Run”, a track that starts direct with a big crashing crescendo before settling as a smouldering, instantly likeable number full of effortless musicianship and exquisite vocals.

Ebbing and flowing amongst insistent drums and swirling Americana soundscapes "Run" calls for repeated plays as Unnveig’s impassioned vocal recalls the show-stopping ability of Caitlin Rose (That’s high praise coming from these parts - Caitlin remains this blogs most featured artist). , full of captivating tone and melodious power, grandiose tales of heartbreak rarely sound so good.

“Run” is taken from Unnveig Aas’ new EP Love, released tomorrow (although I’ve been unable to find anywhere to buy it).