Albums of 2015 #3 - Lanterns on the Lake - Beings

Lanterns on the Lake
Released November 13th, 2015
Bella Union

Lanterns on the Lake have long known how to produce a cohesive, flowing album that rewards the listener with a consistently interesting and engaging experience, powerful yet melodic, dramatic yet beautiful, haunting yet heart-warming, Beings, the Newcastle bands third full-length might just be the most wholesome yet.

“Of Dust & Matter” sets the decidedly sombre tone, a darkened, glistening look into a sound that is perhaps starker than their earlier material but intensely captivating and more direct too. The brilliant single “Faultlines” immediately bursts into life and sees twinkling piano keys combine with dense, gripping atmosphere and bristling guitars. Ever-bold and innovative, on “Faultlines” Lanterns manage to sound rawer and more aggressive yet still conjure up some of the most beautiful, emotional noise possible.

The focus throughout is coherent theme and atmosphere, the subtle yet sprawling "I'll Stall Them” with its eerie electric guitar whilst the devastating “Send Me Home” is Lanterns at their most minimalistic and charming, it leads into the brilliant “Through The Cellar Door” with a quick one-two straight in the gut. Full of evocative, deeply layered soundscapes that sees the band flit between their trademark crescendos and quiet intersections where a haunting beauty truly hits the fore.

It almost feels wrong not to mention all of the tracks, “Stepping Down” is a spectral electronic number that’s completely different to anything the band have done before it, intensely intoxicating with its dark, tense mood. “The Crawl” is a return to the bands signature slow-burn, emotional and melodic and then there is the incredible title-track, glacial twinkles and tense atmosphere collide in a a wide-ranging, dynamic journey that sums up Lanterns on the Lake, there’s simple few bands around who are this consistently brilliant.