Albums of 2015 #4 - Kid Wave - Wonderlust

Kid Wave
Released June 1st, 2015

Kid Wave’s debut album Wonderlust is a record guaranteed to improve your mood, a joyous blend of grunge laden guitars and swirling, catchy hooks pared with unrelenting beats and cool, breathy vocals. It’s the sort of record you reach for over and over again as hit upon hit cross your ears with heart-warming results.

Take the opening and title track, three minutes in which the band encapsulate the spirit of youth, full of carefree abandon and blissful optimism, rushing headlong with surging guitars and galloping beats amongst Lea Emmery's heady vocals.

There are singles and nostalgic turns almost at will, “Honey" is a similarly marvelous concoction, a melodious blend of beautiful, hazy textures and bright jangly instrumentation wrapped up in ear-worm vocals. The dreamy, yearning mood only continues on “Best Friend” and the soaring “All I Want” complete with juggernaut beats and shimmering riffs, whilst “Gloom” is anything but.

Wonderlust, however, is not a one trick pony, “Sway” is a gorgeously rich, strutting waltz and “Walk on Fire” is a glorious slow-burn track which spends much of its duration as a sultry ballad before climaxing with an anthemic conclusion and "I'm Trying To Break Your Heart" it sees  lush rhythms and wistful melody combine to breezy, effortlessly effect, both glittery and embracing, it leaves you all gooey and excited inside. 

Those listeners with a love of melody will find so much to desire here. Such an enjoyable, rewarding debut.